Email Marketing help you to get more loyal customers.

Email marketing is the highly effective digital marketing service. We send relevant email to customers who have shown interest in the product of the company. With our effective email marketing services, we try to increases the chances of converting prospects into customers. We help in converting one-time buyers into loyal customers.


We have a Team of Email Marketers, Who make for your Target Audience

The email is transnational in nature and is used to direct traffic to the website which in turn increases the sale. We have a team that can customize the email after doing thorough research on the target audience. We help you to remain competitive in the market.

Message Automation

The emails are sent to the customer on the basis of their interests shown in various products.

Use of HTML

We send simple HTML mails to your customers.

One Click Reach

Email Marketing help to promote your business in one click.

Utilize Time

The right message should be sent to the customer at the right time.

Tracking Results

The results can be easily tracked by surveys and campaign reports.


We make mobile-friendly email newsletter which also helps in promoting your business.

Improve your Reach and Visibility by Email Marketing

An email has become a major part of everybody’s life. It gives a bright opportunity for the business to reach its target market. It allows us to engage and convert more leads consistently. The businesses can personalize the messages according to the customer’s action.


It is more effective than any social media as there are chances of more prospects into becoming customers.


Sending an email is easy and inexpensive and allows us to reach a large number of consumers with almost negligible cost.


E-mail marketing help to track open mail, clicked links, and unsubscribed users.


It allows the business to see results straight away.

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What Our Client's say about us


Samantha Jacobs Dehradun

The team is very flexible and has created an excellent tool to build newsletter easily and to manage contacts.

John Oscar Fremont

The email features provided by the company are excellent. They have taken tremendous efforts to fulfill all my requirements.

Chris Walker San Jose

I have been dealing with DigiBrood for quite some time. They are very professional and know their work very well.

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Relevant content, catchy images, and GIFs have the ability to attract a customer and compel them to read the mail.

Yes, we create relevant, informative, and engaging mail and it’s surely create many leads for your business.

It’s totally depends on your needs. We can’t say any number without knowing your business needs. 

Yes, we have very good track record on this. We make a email subject line which your customers never ignore.

Nobody can guarantee results in digital marketing but we try to do as much as possible to make it a hit.

We are available on the phone, email, and social networking accounts.

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